Keeeeep Dancing!
21st September 2009
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It's a bit like Marmite I guess - you either love it or hate it.

Well I love it and it even drew me away from X factor. Yes, Strictly Come Dancing is back.

Do you know what I like so much about Strictly Come Dancing? well other than the lovely frocks (kidding) but the gorgeous girls do have some appeal. Please note that I am playing this down incase the wife reads this. She thinks I watch it for its artistic merit which of course I do. Read on and you will see why I like it so much.

And from my wifes perspective? well the muscled men in tight fitting clothes apparently add to the competition (note to self- lose 3 stone and throw away my baggy tracksuit!). Again, the better and slimmer half tells me she watches it to follow the development of the contenders and the challenge they face up to. Yeah! nothing to do with Joe Callzaghe then?

So what is it with Joe Callzaghe? can't see what all the fuss is about. Just some retired boxer from Wales. And why do we have a Joe Callzaghe calender in the spare loo? it puts me off reading Autotrader (note to self - find the 2002 Kylie Minogue callender out to go over Joe Callzaghe). Anyway back to 'Strictly'........

The competition will hot up over the next few weeks as we all decide who our favourite is. And this is the point - our favourites are often not the best dancers or the pretties girls or the handsome hunks (hope Joe is taking note here).

Our favourites are often the ones who despite being absolutely rubbish at dancing keep trying their hardest and dance their hearts out. Even with huge effort and significant improvement they only move from flat footed ducks to flat footed ducks in a different costume. These are the real champions. They dare to expose their short-comings to millions of people and their grit and determination is what makes us admire them and their courage.

But talented or not, every single contender comes off the floor or ends the competition saying they absolutely loved it. Whatever their ability, dancing seems to hook them. My hero is still John Sargeant (we have similar physique of course).

Clearly, you don't have to be a celebrity to enjoy dancing. This isn't a rich mans sport anyone can do it. Strictly Come Dancing has proven that whatever your level of ability you could end up loving the challenge and loving dancing.

So this year, should I promise myself to have dance lessons? Why not. If I am a flat footed duck it doesn't matter. I haven't mentioned this to the wife yet so keep it quiet for now.

I have however spoken to Donald from Dance with Music and he knows what he is talking about. Donald and Mellanie run Dance with Music and promote Ballroom and Latin American Dancing throughout Shropshire.

If Donald thinks I should give it a go instead of just watching then maybe I should listen to him.

I'll let you know but in the meantime I'll simply look forward to watching all of the contenders on Strictly Come Dancing, yes, including Joe Callzaghe!

Keeeeeeeep Dancing - alright my love.


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