It's THAT time of year again!
23rd March 2011
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If you know Madeley Court Hotel, you will know of the balancing lake situated to the back of the Hotel running alongside the Silkin Way. Well, about this time every it is coming into Spring!....the ducks start to go a bit crazy.

Every year, the ducks decide to fly over the top of the hotel and waddle around the Courtyard and the Gardened areas on the car park...they also tend to sit themselves on top of the chimney breasts on top of the hotel. On more than one occasion over the past few years (including once this year already!) they accidently fall down the chimneys and end up in our Lounge areas, you actually dont realise how big they are until they are flying around and you're trying to catch them!

So, they start to find their little nesting areas ready to lay their eggs for the summer. Usually, they like the chimney breasts, but we have to rescue the falling chicks as they slide off the roof - or they nest on top of the wall by the tree next to the disabled spaces....anyway, it is never by the lake! Meaning, each year they have to make their expedition trek.....THROUGH RECEPTION to the bar (the chicks arent old enough to fly). Mommy duck always panics and flys around the bar area, however we have this feeling she will never learn!

We're expecting the ducks to start to quack a bit more than usual over the next few weeks, followed by a few chirping sounds in and around the Courtyard area - the great duck race will soon be on!

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