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12th December 2014
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What causes condensation in my Conservatory?

As the air cools outside the risk of getting condensation in your conservatory increases. Often, there's little ventilation because the door is kept shut - understandable if it's cold outside. Lack of ventilation means that moisture can build up in the air as water vapour, condensing to water as it hits the cold glass surfaces in your conservatory. While it can look like the conservatory is causing the condensation, it is actually just making it more visible.

Conservatories of course are built to be air and water tight, otherwise it would be a real problem when it rains. However, it is this very protection that can cause ventilation issues - the main cause of condensation. Left unchecked, severe condensation causes problems in your home, creating mould which can damage fabrics and have a detrimental effect on you and your family’s health.

Modern houses are built to be more airtight to stop heat escaping, so in many cases, the environmental benefits have come at the expense of well ventilated homes so whilst it's great to not have to worry about draughty windows and doors, these draughts could actually help combat condensation in your home.

We produce water vapour constantly in our day to day activities. Just breathing produces half a pint of water an hour, and then when you factor in cooking, cleaning, and worst of all, drying clothes, the water that we produce every day saturates the air until it reaches dew point, where the vapour has to turn back to moisture. It does this on the coolest surface, which in winter is invariably the windows.

How to combat condensation

Ventilation is key to reducing the build-up of condensation in your conservatory and throughout your home. While it seems contradictory, opening a window slightly and having the heating on in the room will ensure that air flows properly around the room.

Have windows opened when bathing and washing up is highly recommended as this can significantly reduce the amount of water in your home. Use ventilation such as cooker hoods where possible, vent tumble dryers outside, and keep your home warm to prevent condensation forming on walls.

Window coverings can make the problem worse by trapping the moisture against the window. Make sure blinds and curtains allow for airflow.

You can have trickle vents installed in your windows as they can help to let air flow in and out of the room. Keep doors around your house open to let the air flow around your house.

For very moist areas, consider investing in a dehumidifier. These devices draw the moisture out of the air, stopping it forming on the windows. They can be expensive to buy, but you can also hire them over the winter months and just have the windows open wide in the summer. 

Trotfield Windows in Telford build Conservatories with high levels of insulation and use only top grade double glazing to minimise this problem. In addition, fllors are insulated to help to maintain a higher room temperature, especially in the colder months. 

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