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2nd September 2015
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You made the decision to purchase a conservatory and isn’t it amazing how it’s transformed your house? BUT how do you keep it looking in pristine condition?  Trotfield Windows in Telford and Wrekin offer some good advice:


Use it!

Even though winter is approaching, make sure you still use your conservatory.  Maybe you could relax and watch television, host a dinner party or play some board games.  By using the space, you will keep it looking comfortable and tidy.


Inspect it!

Whilst conservatories are not difficult to maintain, they can collect external debris both inside and out.  Check the roof and guttering from time to time.


Clean it!

Get the right products and tools to clean your conservatory. A good clean is down to the product you use to loosen the residue and the method you use to access it. To loosen the residue, explore the various soaps available at DIY stores specifically designed for outdoor use. Many domestic cleaners can be used to great effect on the inside of the roof.


Take Care

Never stand on the roof of your conservatory to clean it - especially if it’s made of glass.  Choose a cleaning tool that allows you to clean the outside from the ground is beneficial - a water fed pole allows soap and water to be pumped along the handle.  If you need to use a step ladder, ask someone to pass you the tools as you need them.


Be persistent

Work methodically from one side of the roof to the other, applying a liberal amount of soap and warm water to loosen residue and stubborn dirt. You may need to rub harder to shift difficult stains.  Don’t be tempted to use anything abrasive on the glass. Removing tough stains simply requires a little persistence. Finish with a thorough rinse to avoid smears.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of your conservatory, contact Trotfield Windows today on 01952 433 149.

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