How to deal with a Wasp Nest
2nd March 2017
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Do you know what to do if you have a wasp’s nest?  Wasps can be dangerous particularly if you are allergic to the stings.

If you suspect a wasp’s nest in a bush, shrub, in the eaves or roof void, you will need to get rid of it safely and carefully. Prokill Pest Control Services in Telford and Wrekin offer an immediate and professional solution to pest problems and whilst they can eradicate a nest for you, they do offer advice:

  • Wear protective clothing when dealing wasps nests.  Wasps can sting multiple times, not once like a bee and will instinctively attack anyone that goes near.
  • If you have had a wasp’s nest removed, the foraging wasps will return and may hang around the nest for a couple of days – it is best to leave a treated nest where it is in order for returning wasps to enter the nest and be killed by the remaining chemicals.
  • When nesting in manmade structures, young wasps can get confused as to where the nest is.  Check that the wasps are flying directly into the entry point and not just flying around outside as it could be that the nest is in a neighbouring property.  Lost wasp syndrome can fool the best pest control service.
  • If destroying a wasp nest in a bush or shrub, you need to MAKE SURE you have protective clothing especially a mask. If you are unable to contact Prokill to remove the wasp nest, the first choice would always be to use an insecticidal powder or dust and professional advice.

Prokill Pest Control are experts in wasp eradication and can destroy wasp nests in eaves, roof voids, high levels, in the ground, in air bricks and more.

If you are experiencing problems with wasps or any pests, give the friendly team a call – they offer residential and commercial pest control solutions.

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