How to cope with hair loss or thinning hair with wigs by Nicky Marcar in Telford
15th October 2014
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Hair loss is one of the side effects of chemotherapy and cancer drugs . They may cause mild thinning of the hair, partial hair loss or complete hair loss.

Dealing with cancer is hard enough without having to worry about losing your hair and your confidence.

If you are worried about hair loss then there are solutions to help you overcome this........

Ask about wigs before you start your treatment, so ythat you can match up your natural colour and texture of your own hair.

Or maybe try a new look completely and try a wig that is the look that you've alwys wanted!

Think about having your hair cut short before your treatment starts.

At night wear a hair net so that you don't wake up with hair on your pillow which may be distressing.

If your hair has already started to thin then.....

Only use gentle hair products

Avoid using hair colours or perms as this will damage the hair further.

Avoid using hair stylers like hair dryers, straighteners or tongs and pat your hair dry.


Not everyone fancies a wig as they can get quite hot in the summer so why not try a head scarf or hat ?

At wigs by Nicky Marcar we offer a variety of options to help you feel as comfortable as possible. We have a range of different wigs,hair pieces, extensions as well as stylish head scarves and hats to suit all.

If you are unsure which option woud suit you best then contact Nicky and she will have a chat with you to help you decide on the best solution.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact us on 01952 426232 or e-mail us at to see if we can help.

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