How do you answer that call?
25th February 2014
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How you answer the phone says a lot about your business. It may sound like the simplest of things to do, but taking calls to give the best customer experience is an art in itself – here are a few tips to ensure that your potential new clients get the best experience possible.


  • Always make sure that you are totally with the call – not being distracted by anything else
  • Smile before picking up the phone – everyone can hear a smile!
  • Check the clock – good morning or good afternoon is a great greeting – much nicer than a gruff “Hello”!
  • Good morning / good afternoon XYZ Company, how can I help you?
  • Take the clients name and company name – check spellings if not sure, there’s nothing worse than referring to someone by an incorrect name
  • If it is a new enquiry, ask where they heard about you – it pays to know what advertising is working
  • When taking a number down check the digits – most numbers are 5/3/3 or 4/3/4 e.g 07971 000 111 or 0121 345 5678 – it’s a great way of checking you have all the digits
  • When you have all the details you need thank the person genuinely for their call, refer to them by their name, it reinforces that you took note of it.
  • If the caller says thank you – tell them they are most welcome


If you treat your callers with respect and professionalism, they will remember the experience and are far more likely to want to work with you.  If you are deep in thought working on your business, it is unlikely you will appreciate the interruption of a telephone call, the potential client will no doubt hear that in your voice. If you have to divert to a mobile, callers will know that it is unlikely that you are going to be able to take all the information down, you are concentrating on other things.


Sometimes it may pay to have a little adhoc call handling support to ensure that clients always get the best possible experience – it’s worth a thought


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