Getting your car started when it’s cold
18th February 2015
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There’s nothing worse than getting up on a cold morning and having to defrost your car but then to find that your car won’t even start – well that’s another story!  

When your car doesn’t start in the cold weather, the problem is most likely to be with your car battery as electrical systems within the vehicle have to work much harder and starter motors require all of the current they can get to start the engine.  

To ensure you take care of your car battery during these colder temperatures, Priorslee Motor Services in Telford recommend that you remember to:  

  • Switch off heaters, lights, wipers, radio etc. before you turn off the engine when you reach your destination.  This will prevent any unnecessary drain on your battery. 
  • Check heaters, lighters, wipers etc. are switched off before you turn your ignition on. 
  • Heaters, heated seats, DVD’s and iPods can put a strain on car batteries so avoid using them for any longer than you have to. 
  • Never leave interior or boot lights on and ensure any chargers are not left connected. 
  • Where possible park your car in a garage. 
  • Get your battery checked – particularly if over three years old. 

In the event that your car battery does need replacing, contact Priorslee Motor Services on 01952 615939. 

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