Essential tools for any garden shed
20th March 2017
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So Spring is finally here! For many of us this means the opportunity to tend to our gardens. Our gardens have become an extension of our indoor living spaces, and more of us are now learning how to take care of our garden spaces, no matter how big or small. For any novice gardeners out there, The Forge Ironbridge, which stock traditional hardware and Ironmonger goods, has everything you need to start gardening.

Perhaps you’ve purchased your first home recently? You may have an established garden such as those in Ironbridge and Madeley? Or maybe you've purchased a new build in Telford, such as Lawley and Lightmoor, with a blank canvases for a garden – maybe you are learning to garden here? The great thing about learning to garden is that there are so many helpful tips and insights out there to help get you started. For those of you looking to start gardening, we have listed the top must have garden tools for any shed.


  1. Trowel - This gardening tool is a must have product for weeding, digging or potting. It makes light work of planting borders or filling flowerbeds and is an essential piece of equipment to any gardener. The trowel is perhaps one of the most popular gardening hand tools.
  2. Spade - An obvious and essential tool in the garden is a spade. Useful for digging, turning over beds, planting and mulching, the garden spade is a multi-purpose tool. Available in a variety of sizes, this is most definitely a tool every gardener should have.
  3. Rake -The rake is a tool often forgotten by many until the autumn comes. As the summer ends and the autumn begins, a rake becomes a useful and often vital gardening tool as it clears the leaf litter that can suffocate flowerbeds, lawns and damage ponds. It can also be used throughout the year to help you maintain a green and healthy lawn.
  4. Secateurs - Secateurs are ideal for pruning and trimming large or thick plants and bushes during the growing season. Regular trimming keeps your plants and shrubs in a healthy condition and protects them from the winter.
  5. Watering Can -Unless you have a sprinkler system a watering can is an essential to keep your garden hydrated throughout the dry season. By regularly watering your garden, you should see beautiful blooms and greenery come back year on year. However, remember never to water your garden when it is very hot as this can damage your plants, wait until the evening when the temperature has cooled.
  6. Lawn Mower - We all want to keep our lawns green, healthy, neat and tidy, and the lawn mower is the ideal way to achieve this. It is recommended that you only ever cut a maximum of a 1/3 of the grass at any given time, and try to leave a few days between cuts to keep your lawn healthy and avoid unsightly patches.

If you have all of the above garden tools in your shed or garage then you're well on your way to having a well-maintained garden. If you need any of theses head to The Forge Ironbridge or call them on 01952 427889. All you need to do now is get out there and enjoy the hard work!

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