Digital Disruption – What it is and why you should embrace it!
15th November 2016
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What exactly is Digital Disruption I hear you ask? Well it’s most accurately described by Margaret Rouse (2014) as: “the change that occurs when new digital technologies affect the value proposition of existing goods and services”. Technology is developing rapidly – to think the difference in the last 10 years alone is far beyond what we could have ever predicted!

Digital Disruption is happening all the time and all around us! But don’t let the name fool you, this kind of disruption doesn’t have to be negative, it creates a change in consumer behaviour and presents new opportunities for marketing your business and reaching a larger audience, often at a lower cost.

By embracing existing and emerging advances in digital technology such as social media platforms/engagement, software development and new responsive devices. Will result in your business remaining competitive whilst, most importantly, keeping consumers aware and interested in your brand.

In order to respond to digital disruption in the most effective way, capitalising on it’s developments where possible, but also putting damage limitation in place, relies on entrepreneurial and innovative marketing skills. Digital disruption is an innovative entity in its own right and it takes the same nature of response from a business to overcome it in the best way possible and obtain first mover advantage.

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