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18th March 2015
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The main consideration of an eco-friendly bathroom is saving water - the good news is there are so many new technologies now available to help you save water in the bathroom. 

  • Install a Dual Flush WC - save up to 25% of the water that's flushed away in a standard single flush WC with no reduction in performance (older properties might not be suitable for dual-flush WC's)
  • Installing a lower capacity bath can save around 20% of the water you would normally use without spoiling what is still one of life's pleasures. 
  • Installing eco-taps will reduce the flow of water by aeration and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the feel. You might even consider installing motion-sensor taps which are a greta way to avoid the water running unecessarily during washing or teeth cleaning. 
  • Install a Shower head with an 'ECO' button and the same water aeration as on your taps - this will reduce the amount of water used dramatically without affecting the performance of your shower. You could also introduce am eco shower valve to reduce the water flow. 
  • Install LED lighting - whilst LED lights cost more initially, they'll save in the long run by cutting your power usage without affecting the quality of light in your bathroom. 
There's loads more you can do to reduce the enviromental impact of your bathroom - using eco-friendly cleaning products for example, but if we've whetted your appetite for what's possible in your new eco-friendly bathroom, pop into our showroom and we can talk some more. 
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