Crash Data Reset / Repair Service from Auto Recode
7th September 2015
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At Auto Recode we are now able to repair and clear your blown Airbag Module (Airbag ECU as it is sometimes called) of the crash data that is stored as a result of an accident. When you have a crash, your Airbag ECU (computer) records the fact that you've had a crash and will show a light on the dash. Normally you would have to replace the ECU unit ....... until now.

At Auto Recode we clear both the fault and crash codes so that you can re-use your original airbag control module as if it were a new unit. This will save you £££'s in your overall vehicle repair costs. We can clear / reset 99% of the airbag ECU's on the market today.

If your car airbag system has any of the following symptoms then we may be able to help:

  • If your airbags have deployed
  • If your airbag light is flashing or constantly on
  • If your diagnostic tool is reading CRASH DATA STORED , ECU ERROR or DTC 65535 in the airbag computer
  • Airbag errors due to a discharged or flat battery and / or by jump starting attempts

Even if you have not had an accident, if your vehicle indicates an airbag system fault then this can be an internal airbag control unit error. We can help you to save ££££'s! How? If we clear/reset your module, in most cases, you will be able to use it in the original vehicle without recoding. Dealer diagnostic tools WILL NOT clear the crash data from your airbag control unit (ECU). We have to do this for you in our fully equipped workshop.

Air bags and air bag modules are designed to only work once. We can clear the existing crash/error data so that they can be used again. They will function as new; erasing the crash data will cost you a fraction of the cost of a new unit. If your air bags have deployed then obviously they need to be replaced with un-deployed air bags but the original airbag ECU can now be repaired and cleared of all its crash data.

Dealerships, using diagnostic tools can clear simple airbag fault or error codes from your airbag ECU, but not the crash codes. We can clear these codes for you allowing you to save hundreds of pounds on your vehicle repair bill!

Your module will be sent back as if you had bought a new one, and will work in exactly the same way as the original one. In most cases you will not have to recode the module to the vehicle you removed it from. It will be like the accident never happened! Virtually all makes and models are repairable.

Please note this is a repair service only, we do not offer exchange or new airbag control units.

For more information on this service please get in touch on 07590 723146 or e-mail us at

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