Identical twins ‘Leeroy’ celebrate eight years at The Valley Hotel in Ironbridge
25th February 2014
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Identical twins ‘Leeroy’ celebrate eight years at top Shropshire hotel


From the day they started working at one of Shropshire’s top hotels eight years ago identical twins Lee and Roy Slimm have been known as one – ‘Leeroy’.


They very quickly earned themselves the nickname because staff at the award-winning Best Western Valley Hotel in Ironbridge were unable to tell them apart and kept getting them confused.


For the 23-year-old brothers are about as identical as twins come, from their cheeky smiles to matching haircuts and uniforms.


“Me and the other staff got so embarrassed always getting them muddled up and calling Lee, Roy, and Roy, Lee, that it was easier to just call them both ‘Leeroy’,” explained Lisa Snape, who is the hotel’s wedding coordinator and sales manager.


“The name has just stuck really. They have never really taken offense by it as I think they know how much they look alike. Lee and Roy are really fun guys to work with and they have been a huge hit with our customers over the years even if they too get a little confused.”


The pair from Hollinswood first started working at the hotel as part-time teenage kitchen porters to earn a bit of pocket money whilst studying for their A Levels at New College in Wellington.


Now, as they celebrate their eighth year working at the hotel the twins both work full-time and are still fondly known as ‘Leeroy’.


“We’ve never really minded or been offended by it. We’ve always just been happy to play along,” said Roy.


“I think staff are getting better at telling us apart now and it helps that we now do different jobs. Lee is the bar supervisor and I am the hotel receptionist so we are not often in the same room at the same time.


“I think it’s more confusing now for our customers than the staff. I often see them doing double takes at me and some will comment on how I seem to be everywhere in the hotel doing everything but I usually tell them they’ve had too much to drink.


“Sometimes it can be difficult when customers think they have asked me to do something when it has really been my brother. Most of the time me and Lee just play along and do what we can to keep them happy.”


The former Sutherland School pupils are both hoping to remain in the hospitality industry and it would seem staff at The Valley still have time to work out who’s who as neither of them have plans to go anywhere fast.


“We both really enjoy working at the hotel and always have done,” said Roy.

“We both see ourselves here for the long term all being well.”


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