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3rd June 2015
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All business involves several connected parts so a number of components need to be combined to create a good data recovery strategy.

Strategic planning:


  • Identify key components – The IT systems of your business consist of many moving parts: hardware, software, server connectivity, software applications and data. A data recovery planning process needs to include a thorough overview of how losing one component will affect the overall IT picture.
  • Prioritise internal functions – In the event of a business downtime, it’s important determine which business functions need to be reactivated first. Eg; a plan for getting your accounting department’s technology up and running first may be the priority, then followed by other departments. The plan needs to outline the IT resources that will be required to address the most time-sensitive business functions.
  • Restore data – What is the business solution? Is your data stored at an alternate site? Are you backing up to a cloud or web-based backup system regularly? A data recovery plan should clearly identify how your data will be retrieved.
  • Minimise downtime – What are the plans for reducing the amount of time the IT systems will be down? How long can the business afford to be down? For some businesses, the answer is “zero downtime.” If this is the case for your business, the data recovery plan needs to include a strategy for backing up and restoring your IT systems.


When developing a data recovery strategy talk to Rockford IT. Mirrornet Recovery is our fantastic data recovery solution, which provides a comprehensive, real-time ‘backup and restore’ solution. Mirrornet Recovery protects entire servers by continuously backing up to one of our UK-based, ISO certified Data Centres. It offers support for physical and virtual environments so businesses can respond rapidly, with minimal operational impact, to fast-forward through downtime.


Be it a small or large business, we have the capacity to rapidly replicate over limited bandwidth connections so that our Mirrornet Recovery customers are assured that data can always be recovered quickly and efficiently, saving them both time and money.

Why Choose Mirrornet Recovery?

• Comprehensive disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution

• Support for physical, virtual and cloud servers (Windows and Linux)

• Real-time application and data protection, with near-zero data loss

• Protect and replicate data from the source (a production server) to one of Mirrornet’s UK-based,   ISO certified Data Centres

• Protects Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, BES, Oracle, mySQL and more

• No distance limit between servers, and efficient recovery over narrow bandwidth networks

• Complete flexibility when designing a recovery plan, with 24/7 support and monitoring

• Real-time replication

• Hard and soft testing available

• Back ups are monitored 24/7, and mirroring and replication is maintained by Mirrornet’s dedicated   and knowledgeable team

• Customer recommendations are made in a comprehensive test report

For more information please contact Rockford IT on 01952 426223

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