7 ways to keep flies out of your kitchen
11th August 2015
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House flies have the capability of transmitting many diseases including gastroenteritis as their feet pick up bacteria from faeces and rubbish.

When they enter the kitchen, they transfer this bacteria on to surfaces that they sit on … UGH!   

Our top tips on keeping flies out of your kitchen:

  1. Keep work surfaces clean using disinfectant especially places where you eat or cook;
  2. Dispose of waste properly and keep lids on dustbins at all times.  Rubbish is a favourite breeding ground for flies.
  3. Keep all food covered including whole fruit. 
  4. Take care of indoor plants and don’t over water them.  Discard of any dead leaves, flowers etc.
  5. Use window/door screens to prevent flies getting in.
  6. If you have pets, clean up their waste immediately.  Also give regular baths and wipe paws as they come in the house.
  7. Use insect repellent sprays in the house.
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