5 Top Tips on Decorating your Christmas Tree
9th December 2014
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Tip 1: Make sure your tree looks symmetrical.

There's nothing worse than a mis-shaped Christmas tree.  If you have an artificial tree, put the base and tree together and then fluff out the branches from base to tip.  Step back and check the tree looks symmetrical and that it looks good for everyone, no matter where they will be in your room.

Tip 2: Add the Lights

There are so many lights to choose from - white and multi coloured, still lights or flashing.  Add Christmas Tree lights from base to tip ensuring the tips of the lights point outwards.  Don't add the decorations until you've checked all of the lights work and are spread evenly around the tree.


Tip 3 The Tinsel Trick

Some people like tinsel, others don't.  If you're adding tinsel to your Christmas tree, start from the bottom and work your way up, weaving in and out.  Keep the spaces between the tree and tinsel even.


Tip 4: Adding Decorations

Sort your decorations into sizes, colours and styles.  Start adding decorations internally to add more depth to your tree.  If you have large, heavy items, place them at the bottom of the tree and the smaller, lighter one's at the top.  Try to space decorations evenly apart.  If you have decorations that you really want to show off, put them on the outside branches.


Tip 5: Fairy, Star or Other?

Every tree needs a standout piece.  Make sure your tree topper can be seen from a distance.  Now step back and enjoy!!!!


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