10 Ways Your School Can Cut Printing Costs
15th December 2016
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Research shows that a large majority of schools are paying way too much for their print and photocopying requirements. 

With the average school using up to 1 million sheets of paper each year and many thousands of pounds spent on photocopying, let us try to help you save some of your precious budget with these top tips. 

1. Choose the right printer.

Speed and quality are important factors but it's not just about the price you pay for the printer. The cost of replacement ink is by far the largest ongoing expenditure and an energy efficient printer will save your school money on electricity bills. Could you replace a colour printer with a black and white printer? They are significantly cheaper to purchase and to run.

2. Use appropriate paper

By all means use the thick, high quality paper when it's necessary to produce a high quality job but consider that you could save around 50% of your paper costs just by using a lower grade paper for your everyday printing.

3. Limit who has access 

Modern equipment where multi-users are required allows you to set up individual profiles and apply individual control limits. You can see those individuals who are the heavy users and take the appropriate action. 

4. Preview before Printing  

It sounds obvious but many people just hit 'print' and then have to destroy the first set of prints or re-arrange the text to fill the pages correctly. Always check before you print that your documents look exactly how you want them to.  

5. Use Digital Media  

E-mail and Cloud storage are so much more efficient and cheaper than hard copies where appropriate. For example, homework be submitted, marked and returned without anything being printed.  

6. Print Both Sides  

Whilst not suitable for all documents, duplex printing can reduce paper usage by almost 50% if double sided printing becomes the 'norm'.  

7. Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet 

If you use PowerPoint, consider printing as Handouts rather than Slides so you get 6 pages condensed onto one page. Other software packages allow you to fit two or four pages per sheet and it will still be legible. 

8. Font Type & Size 

The smaller the font - the less paper needed to print your documents. Choosing the right font also reduces paper, for example, Times New Roman delivers 44% more print per cartridge than Verdana. 

9. Use Draft Mode 

Setting your printer to draft mode as the default not only increase the speed of printing, it dramatically cuts your ink usage too. Draft prints at 300dpi which is perfectly acceptable for most documents. 

10. Black & White 

Did you know that colour printing can cost your school up to 10 times the amount that printing in monochrome does? Does it really need to be printed in full colour?

For more help in reducing your printing and copying costs, why not take advantage of Unique's FREE, no-obligation Print Survey? It takes less than half an hour for us to assess whether we could save you money - and you have nothing to lose.

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