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If you’re moving house, it is important that you pack fragile items correctly to prevent breakages.
It is a well known fact that most accidents with fatalities occur at night. With the nights drawing in, there are a few of us who begin to suffer with night vision impairment also referred to as night blindness. Before I go on let me differentiate impairment & blindness.
The owner of a Shropshire nursery chain today slammed Government plans to change child care ratios claiming it would impact on child safety but do nothing to lower nursery fees. Penny Hustwick, owner of ABC Day Nursery which has four nurseries across Telford, said the reforms announced yesterday would in reality do very little to lower the price of childcare in the UK.
A family law specialist has called on Telford residents planning on emigrating abroad to ensure their legal affairs are fully in order to avoid a repeat of a bitter child custody battle currently being played out on the region’s TV screens.
Ladies - remember your New Year's resolution to lose weight? Seems a long time ago, doesn't it?
You may have thought that Lungworm wasn't really very common .......... well read on!
It has long been an ambition of the planning system to become simplified and less cumbersome, and changes could now be afoot. The Government recently set out controversial reforms of the planning system with the new National Planning Policy Framework.
Three cheers for the British weather.
Do your IT Trainers really have training skills?
White Christmas in Telford
White Christmas in Telford
Has snow become evil - or is it just as good as when I was a kid?
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