Lungworm: what all dog owners should know! Advice from Pearl Vets in Telford.
25th May 2012
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Unfortunately lungworm is becoming an increasing concern, where it used to be just in the south of England Ireland and Wales, it has now crept in throughout the UK so sadly we are no longer necessarily safe from lungworm here in Telford!

How do I know if my dog has lungworm?
Symptoms may include:
Breathing problems, coughing or tiring more easily
Poor blood clotting resulting in bleeding from small wounds or nose
Anaemia (have a look at your dogs gums they should be nice and pink in a healthy dog (unless they have dark pigmentation which is normal)
Behavioural changes, fits, weight loss, vomiting and diarrhoea

Your dog may not show all these symptoms, one or more could indicate lungworm

How can my dog pick up lungworm?
It is most commonly seen in young inquisitive dogs since part of the life cycle is in slugs and snails. Slugs and snails swallow the larval stage lungworm. Puddle water can be another source of infection. Dogs can eat slugs by accident if toys are in the garden, and some may eat them on purpose.

How can I protect my dog from lungworm?
There is a spot on product which we recommend here at Pearl. Monthly treatment is ideal, prevention is always better than cure. This will eliminate the problem along with a list of other uninvited guests that we can tell you more about if you pop in to see us.

Is it really all that serious?
Unfortunately yes, lungworm can be fatal.

To conclude, if you think your dog might be at risk it is so much better to be safe than sorry. Pop in to see us at Pearl in St Georges and we can start your dog on a monthly routine to ensure you never need to worry about lungworm again!

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