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Ellard Security Systems Ltd, Taunton and Bridgwater

A dedicated and loyal local family business, ensuring customers always receive the highest quality of service.

Carly Press, Taunton and Bridgwater

I have coordinated Public Sector partnership working across the most deprived parts of Taunton Deane for the past five years. Aspects of our delivery included, attempts to involve local business into hard to reach areas, especially those that suffered from poor education, low skill base and high levels of unemployment. From a Business perspective, the Carly Press had little or no reason for supporting our cause, yet they committed fully, identifying that they had the potential to invest time, leadership and support, guidance and where necessary funding to support local projects, seeking to get people back into work, or to re-educate residents. The Carly Press were fundamental in guiding and backing the setting up of the Halcon Link Power project. Local unemployed residents, encouraged to get involved in the look and feel of their own community, clearing the area of discarded rubbish, shopping trollies, gardening and other environmental services. This project now generates its own contracts and has seen many of its members return to paid employment. Public Sector working in partnership with Local Business - sharing and developing skills and people. Youth projects - The Halcon Little Litter Pickers - again the Carly press supporting and ensuring communities can come together - a fantastic projects that now has similar projects springing up all over Taunton. The Carly Press have been an outstanding example, during a period that no other business wanted to put their name to Halcon. They have contributed to changing the lives of so many, with behind the scenes advice, commitment of leadership and investment in time, together with vision and guidance for the future - money helps - but investing time and effort in communities less fortunate - is a true sign of a great local business. Andrew Murphy QPM