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Promoting and marketing businesses across the South West and the UK. Red Hot Media, Marketing & Events is a company with a refreshing approach to creating a buzz within the business sector.


At Red Hot Media, Marketing & Events we believe in creating a unique partnership with our clients. By working together, we can transform ideas and share our design skills to achieve a unique marketing campaign that will enhance and deliver your business/organisation or charity’s vision. We don’t believe in just talking about what we can do and how we can do it but more about the creative way that businesses can enhance their own ideas and being part of your journey in establishing a long and lasting relationship.

As a leading company that actively promotes what we do with our own events & publications, we want to showcase our unique and refreshing talent for creating a marketing campaign that delivers results for any business looking for a new direction. It is often just a few little steps to change an existing concept and ensure it delivers an impact in engaging and delivering a positive outcome. We don’t just want to talk ideas, we want to take you on a creative & successful marketing journey.

Our belief is to offer affordable pricing and guarantee exposure that is aimed at any business looking to engage with its customers. By raising your brand awareness and building trust of your brand will enhance your business. Our vision is to create the visibility of your brand and increase the decision making process to engage a strong marketing strategy that works for you. Customers are more likely to buy from a company that delivers confident content and feels good about themselves and looks difference from their competitors. It’s not about the same only style, wording or visuals but creating unique differences that will enhance your name. Together we are building customer confident and customer service.

We understand that most businesses don’t have the time or experience to write or create their own marketing in house, so that’s why businesses approach us as a professional team, who can research and simply do this for you. Creating a marketing concept will lead to more connections with customers and we are able to deliver a marketing concept that generates the maximum response and attracts new customers and opportunities – a must for any business or organisation.

Please contact us and see what we could do for you – time to reflect maybe but we offer positive marketing that will see your business, charity or organisation become more successful. Marketing creates a healthy business and our aim is to work with you to achieve a successful business, no matter what your ideas maybe, we want to work with you and be part of your success story.



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