Which breed of dog is right for you?
18th April 2017
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This weekend coming there is a World Record attempt taking place, and I’ll be taking part. It’s the record for the Largest single-breed dog walk – currently held by 782 Yorkshire Terriers in Mexico. This Sunday 23rd April we want to smash that record with over 1500 beagles.

Can you imagine over 1500 beagle owners in one place? That’s people who actually chose to have this breed in their homes. Anyone who knows the beagle will know that this could quickly turn into a number of other records . . .

World Record for the Largest Rabbit Hunt – as we all know that as soon as one of those super-powered noses catches a scent and shouts the call, that’s one huge pack chase. Leading on to…

World Record for the Most Missing Dogs in one day – because when an excited beagle goes a-hunting, well, it can take some time, and many miles, to get them to calm back down.

World Record for the Loudest Howl – a beagle does love to howl. There’s the high-pitched yip of the chase, the deep throated awooo call to play, and the excessively loud alert that you went out and somehow forgot to take them. Now times that by 1500!

World Record for the Most Destruction. This event has food stalls planned and a beagle stomach has no end – especially if that food has been carelessly left in a bin. So, overturned bins everywhere . . .

Yes, I am one of the crazy people who chose to have not just one, but two beagles. But before I got them I did plenty of research. I knew that the beagle is stubborn, determined, loves to chase and explore and is a bit rubbish at football. They are also loving, extremely child-friendly and, despite the reputation, can be trained off-lead – mostly. 

If you are looking for your family pet, it’s important you research the right breed for you. Rescue centres are full of dogs that were more than their family expected. Yes, they look cute and seem so cuddly as puppies, but it’s important to find out what they will grow into – do they shed, how much exercise do they need, are they territorial? Should you rescue an older dog, or look for a puppy?

A great way to research your breed – or discover which type would suit you best, is to visit your local doggy daycare. Nick, owner of PawPounders in Sutton Coldfield, has over 80 breeds that regularly attend doggy daycare. He is happy to spend a little time with potential new owners, introducing them to the varieties and discussing their traits. A little research in advance can save a lot of heartache later. 

So, if you are looking for a small companion, a gentle giant, an exercise pal or something else, please make sure you find out which is the right breed for you first. And then, we’ll see you at the next World Record attempt. 

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