What is Power Chi Yoga?
29th September 2015
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I have had a lot of questions about my new Power Chi Yoga class starting on 21st October.  So I thought i should write a short blog on what to expect, and the many benefits to be had from the class.

Firstly Power Chi Yoga is the ultimate stress buster class, it will offer an effective solution to tension and stress and is the ultimate preventative exercise form.  Power Chi Yoga improves flexibility, fitness and strength, gently and easily without vigorous training.  My class will last an hour, and take you through a Tai Chi style warm up, powerful yoga postures and a relaxation section at the end. 

Power Chi Yoga is a complete fitness system in itself, however you can easily and effectively combine it with almost any other sport or physical activity. It can improve and enhance your physical health and increase your inner strength. The routines are designed to shape and define every major muscle group , legs, bum, torso, shoulders and arms.  It is suitable for everyone as there will be higher and lower options to suit.
The Tai Chi element of the class will encourage optimism, creativity and a feeling of well-being, something I think we all need more of in our busy and stressful lives.

Lastly there is no expensive equipment required and no special clothing.  I will say though i have a pair of yoga socks, bought for me by one of my lovely ladies and they are ideal for the class. They have non slip bottoms and can improve the strength in your feet.  Alternatively you will need to be in bare feet or wear socks of your choice, but trainers wont be allowed, as they are not suitable for the class, and we need to protect the lovely new sprung floor in the dance studio.

I do hope you will join us on Wednesday 21st October at 7pm, Fairfax School.  Its going to be a relaxing and invigorating class and a chance to unwind for an hour .

Bev x

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