What is Fitsteps?
7th July 2015
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I have been teaching Fitsteps for nearly 2 years now and love its diversity in music and dance styles.  Fitsteps is a dance exercise class created by Strictly Come Dancing stars, Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe and the Olympic Swimmer Mark Foster. The fitness routines contain steps from latin and ballroom dances, using fast paced cardio dances such as the Jive and quickstep, and slow toning dancing like the Tango and Waltz.  I am not from a dance background but from an athletic back ground, however my parents took part in ballroom dance and their love of it has definitely rubbed off on me!  I am lucky to have been brought up around a vast mixture of music styles also, which really helps when choosing music for dance routines.

 Dancing uses every part of your body, similar to how swimming can.  You use muscles you may not normally use, and because my class is so much fun, it may not feel like a work out.  Once you have been to a Fitsteps class you may go home and ache in places you never ached before.  Certain elements we use in the Paso Doble and Tango can greatly improve your posture.  Personally my posture has improved dramatically since doing Fitsteps.  After a day at work leaning over a desk, it feels so good to dance and let yourself go, release some tension and have fun. There is no other class i have been to where you can be so graceful in dances such as the waltz, or sassy as with the Rumba. The difference between Fitsteps and Zumba I would say is that Zumba can be more high impact, whereas Fitsteps varies more in speed and intensity. There are also more stretching and rotating movements which differs from some other dance exercise classes.

 Strictly Come Dancing will be back on our screens late September/October, so now is your chance to come and try out some ballroom or latin routines, embrace the music and improve your knowledge of this type of dance.  Believe me once the Strictly bug takes hold you will be addicted and if you are anything like me you could be in the supermarket and a tune you danced to in Fitsteps comes on the radio and you will be off, choreographing the routine in your head or dancing in the aisles!

 Fitsteps is for everyone. Children over the age of 12 are welcome as long as they are supervised and there is no older age limit, as there are lower and higher options.

My class is on every Thursday at 6.30pm at Walmley Club, come along dance, meet people, de-stress and enjoy the music, and you dont need a partner.  As Len Goodman says…… ‘Keep Dancing!’





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