Think You Know About Scouting? Think Again!
13th May 2019
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Sutton Coldfield Scouts in Birmingham County say - "Think you know about Scouting?  Think again!"  For example, if you still think Scouting is just about boys, tents and woggles, then be prepared to be surprised.   Scouting challenges 400,000 girls and boys across the UK to discover new talents and reach their potential.  In Birmingham County, Sutton Coldfield Scouts call this "everyday adventure". 

The Scouts just call it "fun".   And for most of the Apollo astronauts it was Scouting that set them on the path to adventure. Unfortunately, Birmingham County Scouts can`t promise space travel to everyone (and neither can Sutton Coldfield Scouts for that matter - too much papwerwork!) but they do encourage their young people to aspire to do their best to reach their potential.    

And most can spot the North Star on a clear night.     About Scouting:  

(1) The Scout Association was founded on 1st  August 1907.  

(2) Adventure is at the core of Scouting and the Association passionately believes in helping their members fulfil their physical, intellectual, social and potential by working in teams, learning by doing and thinking for themselves.  

(3) Over 200 activities are offered by Scouting around the UK, made possible by the efforts of 105,000 voluntary adult leaders.  This has helped make Scouting the largest co-educational youth movement in the UK.  

(4) One of the challenges that the Scout Association faces is finding more volunteers to plug the current gap.  At present there are more than 40,000 young people on waiting lists as more and more young people want to experience the adventure of Scouting.  

(5) Adults working in Scouting contribute in excess of 364 million hours of voluntary work each year to their local communities.   

(6) The number of volunteers working for Scouting is bigger than the combined workforces of the BBC (20,000) and McDonalds (67,000) put together.    

(7) Worldwide Scouting has 40 million members, both male and female and operates in nearly every country in the world.     

Are you ready to join the adventure?  Sutton Coldfield Scouts are recruiting now!  Please contact Ian Henery, Assistant District Commissioner for Development in Sutton Coldfield East on or go direct to the website:


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