Ten Things YOU should know about Burns Night!
3rd January 2018
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  1. Burns had an astonishing 12 children by four different women!
  2. He was the first person to appear on commemorative bottles of Coca Cola in 2009.
  3. Michael Jackson was a huge fan and recorded an album of his poems set to music.
  4. A miniature book of his poems was carried into orbit on a two week space mission in 2010.
  5. Fashion designer Tommy Hilfigger is a direct descendant and great great nephew of Rabbie Burns.
  6. Auld Lang Syne, one of Burns' poems is recognised in the Guiness Book of Records as one of the most popular songs in English language.
  7. Burns' skull was found to be much bigger than average after his body was exhumed and used for forensic study in 1815.
  8. Typical food for a Burns Supper includes cock-a-leekie soup (chicken and leek), haggis with neeps (turnip or swede) and tatties (mashed potatoes), and, for desert, Typsy Laird (sherry trifle).
  9. Much of his work was written in the traditional Scots language and is attributed to helping keep that language alive.
  10. Burns was only 37 when he died. 
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