Ten Things you should know about Bonfire Night
26th October 2017
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  1. The original Gunpowder plot took place over 400 years ago and was intended to blow up King James I and his Government in The Houses of Parliament.
  2. Guy Fawkes wasn't the main conspirator, it was thought to have been Robert Catesby.
  3. Fawkes was actually the Gunpowder expert, hence it was him that was caught and arrested whilst guarding the explosives under the Houses of Parliament.
  4. Fawkes was tortured until he gave the names of his 13 co-conspirators.
  5. There were 36 barrels of Gunpowder found with Fawkes!
  6. The conspirators wanted King James removed from the throne because he was not sympathetic to the Catholic faith.
  7. The plot was discovered after one of the conspirators wrote a letter to a friend in parliament, warning him to stay away on November 5th!
  8. Guy Fawkes was not hung, drawn and quartered as was the traditonal punishment for traitors, but rather jumped from the gallows breaking his own neck in the process.
  9. King James ordered the people of England to have bonfires on the 5th November from then on, to remember the foiled plot.
  10. Bonfires are lit to burn the 'Guy' and this is where "Guy Fawkes" night originates.

We hope you have an enjoyable and safe bonfire night!

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