Ten 'eggciting' things YOU should know about Easter!
31st March 2021
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  • The name Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of light, Eostre, who was celebrated at the start of spring.
  • Giving Eggs as gifts at Easter can be traced back to Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, who used an egg as a symbol of life.
  • In 2007 a Faberge Egg covered in diamonds sold for almost £9 Million.
  • The average household spends approximately £75 on Easter gifts each year.
  • The UK's first Easter Egg was produced by Fry's in 1873.
  • Cadbury's produce 1.5 million Creme Eggs per day as it is the most popular egg shaped chocolate - How do you eat yours?
  • Each year The White House holds an Easter Egg roll on the front lawn.
  • When eating a chocolate bunny, 76% of people eat the ears first
  • On average, UK children receive 8 eggs each per year
  • The tallest recorded Easter Egg was 10.39 metres tall and made in Italy in 2011 - imagine the calories!
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