Ten Cleaning Tips from Tame Cleaning & Maintenance!
23rd November 2015
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Tame's Top Ten Tips on keeping your premises clean!



  • Follow the Tame cleaning specification, given to every site before we start a contract…. it’s a must.


  • Staff often judge each other’s work by how cluttered their desks are. Tidy your desk, and look like you’re a good worker – it’s easier to clean!


  • Deep clean your toilets monthly – or why not call the Tame team to do it for you!


  • Make use of our regular management visits to ensure the cleaners are getting company support


  •  Make the most of Tame’s monthly electronic audit to ensure standards                                 are kept high.


  • Phones are a breeding ground for germs, so it is a good idea to clean them daily with a disinfectant wipe to keep them hygienic. Make sure this is something every member of staff does, to keep the whole office germ free. 
  • Make sure the kitchen area is cleaned daily to prevent dirt and germs spreading. Another service provided by Tame.


  • Make sure the floor in your office is regularly swept or hoovered, especially if people tend to eat at their desks. Keeping the floors free of crumbs and dirt will help prevent rodents and insects becoming a problem in your office.


  • Make sure everything has a place, and that it is kept in the correct place. If you have finished with paperwork file it, don’t let it mound up on your desk creating a mess; and you really don’t need a hundred pens and pencils littering your desk, keep them all in a pen pot, or in your desk drawers It is much easier to work in a clean and tidy space.


  • If it all sounds like too much hard work, call Tame; it's what we're in business for!
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