Scouts Celebrate St George's Day in Sutton Park
19th April 2018
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St George himself actually died in 303 AD. He was executed by Roman Emperor Diocletian for refusing to give up his beliefs. In the 21st Century St George is not forgotten and Sutton Coldfield Scouts are honouring the saint who slayed a dragon with good overcoming evil.

And the Scouts are using it as an opportunity to show the Royal Town who they really are: the UK`s biggest mixed youth organisation giving skills for life through fun, relevant and rewarding everyday adventure.  

"Everyone is invited, both Scouts and members of the public alike",  said Paul Little, District Commissioner for Sutton Coldfield West Scout District." We want to make it a family afternoon with  as many people as possible  attending  and joining  in the fun.  We have archery, tomahawk throwing, Scouting skills, a challenge trail for 6 to 8 year olds an inflatable assault course, football skills, space hopper racing and so much more.  As it`s St George`s Day we have Dragon Racing along with the chance to enter lots of other races for all ages"  explained Paul.

Sutton Coldfield Scouts are also holding a look-a-like competition for those young people  to dress as St George or a Princess.  "We even have a fantastic event souvenir badge", said Paul Little "with a flag  parade and a Scout band".

The Scout Association has gone from it`s first experimental camp by Scouting`s founder, Lord Baden-Powell, in 1907 to an estimated 50 million members worldwide.  In the UK alone there are over 455,000 boys and girls involved in Scouting and more adult volunteers than ever before.  However, with over 51,000 young people on waiting lists across the UK the Scouts  are calling on adults  who want to make a difference to the  lives of young people  in their communities to give  Scouting a go  and are offering flexibility  in a range  of roles  from Scout leaders to administrative  and trustee  positions.  

"Our inclusive St George`s Day event is shaped by young people", said David Evans,  District Commissioner for Sutton Coldfield East District.  "It is a great opportunity for us to give something back to the  local community and to promote the benefits of Scouting."

Lord Baden-Powell chose St George to be the Patron Saint of Scouting.  He felt that the Saint George legend set a good example of faith and courage over adversity  for future generations. 

Sutton Coldfield Scouts believe that Sutton Park, site of the 1957 World Scout Jamboree, reflects St George`s Day being open and welcoming to all.

The Family Fun Day will commence with the colour parade, flag break, a short service and renewal of the Scout Promise at 1pm.   "This is what the story of St George is all about" explained David Evans.  "The legend focuses on an individual taking positive action for the good of the whole community.  It is an obvious moment to celebrate community impact activities within Sutton Coldfield through Scouting".

The world is a challenging place and one that is full of change.  However, with this St George`s Day in Sutton Park the Scouts are celebrating by being visible, proud and enacting their core values in the Royal Town as a great advert for Scouting.

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