Pupils unbox new iPads and switch on to enhanced learning
8th October 2023
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Respected multi-academy trust, the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP), which runs 21 schools across the Midlands, has just completed Phase 2 of the Learning Futures initiative.

The initiative is providing equitable access to over 11,000 iPads for students and staff to empower learners and shape futures. Students will have access to these devices both at school and at home.

Another 11 primary and secondary schools received their devices, with an overwhelmingly positive response from pupils, staff, and parents, as excited and enthusiastic children unboxed their new iPads.

Anna Seward, Brookvale, Curdworth, Greysbrooke, Hill West, St Chads, St Michaels, Scotch Orchard and Two Gates primary Schools received their new devices, along with John Willmott and Stockland Green secondaries.

Osborne Primary School will receive their iPads in early November, while West Coventry Academy will receive their devices in January. 

Learning Futures represents a bold commitment to bridging the digital divide and ensuring equitable access to cutting-edge technology for every student and staff member within the ATLP network.

This initiative aims to harness the potential of technology to enhance teaching and learning by fostering innovation, making learning more accessible, and preparing students for success in an increasingly digital world.

The initiative is being delivered from reception through to sixth form.

There will be one device shared between two in reception and pupils in years one to 13 will all receive one each.

Safeguarding is in place to ensure pupils are kept safe whilst using the devices at school and at home.

Each child has the opportunity to unbox and set up their very own iPad, an experience that the children have said is like 'Christmas and their birthday mixed into one!’.

New cabling has been laid, wireless systems have been upgraded and internet speeds increased as part of a significant investment in information technology infrastructure across all schools to ensure equity for pupils and staff and enable continual access to 21st century learning.

Educators at each school will continue to receive professional development to effectively enhance teaching & learning through technology, focussed around the trusts evidenced-informed principles ‘The Top 5 for the digital classroom’.

Richard Anderton, digital transformation lead for the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, said: "Phase 2 of the Learning Futures initiative has been an incredible journey, and the resounding enthusiasm we've witnessed from children, parents, and our dedicated staff is truly heartening.

"These 1-2-1 devices are not just tools; they are the gateways to a brighter, more innovative future in education. The positive reception reaffirms our belief that technology is a catalyst for empowering the next generation of learners and shaping their limitless potential."

Richard Gill CBE, CEO of the ATLP, said: “I’m delighted with the success of the Learning Futures programme as we continue to reach even more staff, children and families.

"At the ATLP, we are committed to putting children at the heart of all we do.

"We also believe in the importance of equity in education, and by giving children access to new and transformative ways of learning, we can engage them further, prepare them for the future and provide them with even more opportunities to excel.”


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