Prehistoric Fundraising In Sutton Coldfield
28th June 2016
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It's not often that you see a dinosaur these days, but it's even rarer (or roarer) to see one undertaking a 5k Obstacle Course in aid of charity.

Well that's exactly what happened for this year's June Challenge, set by Our Place Community Hub in Sutton Coldfield.

A bunch of us crazy fools decided to support the challenge by taking part in this gruelling 5k run, at Rockingham Castle in Leicestershire -  which includes navigation of some pretty mean obstacles, mud, muddy water,  more mud, some mean "reapers" who guide you around the course and make you do press ups in (you guessed it) more mud.

So why the dinosaur theme? Inspired by the inflatable T Rex's currently dominating Social Media, this made for some hilarious viewing and helped 'Sammy Saurus' to raise approx £400.00 of the £1400.00 raised so far.

So keep your eyes peeled in Sutton Coldfield this summer, as you may have some pre historic experiences of your own with Sammy Saurus, who will be attending various events to raise money for Our Place Community Hub. Hopefully without the mud..

You can find out more about Our Place Community Hub by Clicking Here


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