Local Poets Wanted to Collaborate with UK`s Top Writers
23rd April 2019
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Our history is informed by the remains of fallen civilisations, their bones, buildings and stories.  In a world that seems on the brink of catastrophe Bedtime Stories for the End of the World want to know what stories we`ll leave behind for future generations.   Local poets are being asked to join some of the UK`s top poets to reimagine their favourite myths, fairy tales and legends.  The stories they want to seal up and protect against rising water, from nuclear disaster and from the mundane tragedy of human forgetfulness.     What kind of stories do we want to leave the future?  How might they differ from the stories we`ve inherited?  Emerging local poets are being asked to apply now to collaborate with some of the UK`s top writers on the second series of  @goodbyeworldpod.   Further details:   https://endoftheworldpodcast.com
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