23rd June 2015
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In my classes I do like to use the most appropriate and uplifting music were possible.  You are in my class for an hour, and I want it to be enjoyable.  A lady sent me a message recently and said while she was out at a celebration she was doing some routines from Fitsteps.  I thought that was brilliant, and I was so impressed that she felt confident enough to feel the music and dance!  In Zumba, we use world and latin beats, which are upbeat and fun.  In our Fitsteps class I regularly get comments and praise over the music choices, these comments continually inspire me. The music is so diverse in Fitsteps because of the varied range of ballroom and latin dances used.  The happier my clients are the better the more encouragement it gives me and the better the classes seem to be.  Even in my Saturday morning class, ladies will tell you how upbeat the music is.  We use some great dance beats that encourage us to work out to our full potential work through the pain barrier. I love the fact I can hear ladies and gents singing in class, and the fact they are singing and dancing at the same time means they are multi-tasking, which in itself keeps your brain and body active.  Exercise, dance and music together are something to be embraced and enjoyed, and encourage the endorphins which make us feel good.  As I have said many times before the more enjoyable the exercise class is the more likely clients are going to come back, and improve their fitness and wellbeing.


Next time you hear a tune on the radio or TV just think for a moment….. Could we use this in one of Bevs classes??  I am always keen to hear suggestions for routines, and if they can be included I will add them to the class.


Feel free to email me if you have any questions about health and fitness, or check out my website for class details.

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