Keeping Fit gracefully in Sutton Coldfield
15th March 2016
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After looking for a suitable way to shape up for a while, I decided to try BalletFit at Four Oaks Healthy Lifestyle Studio in Sutton Coldfield. I have always been a fan of Ballet but only really dabbled in lessons as a youngster. 

Contrary to suggestion, it's not all about tutu's and broken feet. Far from it in fact, this hour long class uses exercises based on Ballet but without the pirouettes!

Starting off with a gentle warm up, you get to exercise legs, arms and core, gently but effectively whilst toning and building up stamina.  Followed by stretching exercises to wind down and  prevent muscle strain the next day. 

You have a lovely energising tea before hand and a nutricious smoothie afterwards as well and all included in the £6.00 class fee. The first class is also half price!

I can highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a nice balance without being too strenuous.

You can contact Stella at The Healthy Lifestyle Studio on 0121 293 4425 for more details.


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