Keep motivated with exercise over winter months
6th November 2015
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You want to avoid piling on the pounds and losing the fitness you have built up during the year, why let it all go to waste?  Also during the winter some of us are prone to feeling a little down and dejected, mainly due to lack of the sun and vitamin D.  Well as i have mentioned before exercise is also great for improving your mood and wellbeing, by releasing endorphins in your body, which trigger a positive feeling.  So many times i hear from clients in class that it was such an effort to get to class, but they were so glad they did.  They had a great workout and left the class feeling happier and chilled out.

There are only 6 full weeks of classes now until Christmas, so why not set yourself a a goal.  Is there a particular party dress you have your eye on, or perhaps you have spotted a great pair of jeans that you would like to treat yourself to for Christmas, but they don't quite fit well enough right now?  Starting today, why not make a plan.... perhaps to increase one exercise class a week to two.... or why not try each class in turn to see the benefits.  You may just surprise yourself and really enjoy it. We are so lucky that everyone is so friendly in all of our classes, so it can also be a social event and a chance to meet new people.

As the nights are now darker I know the worry of safety can be an issue too, so all of my night time venues have private parking and secure access doors, for peace of mind. 

Remember if you keep your exercise regime up now you won’t be 1 of the 100 s of people having to start all over again in January 2016.  You will continue your good work and go on to improve ready for the spring time!  Earn some of your Christmas treats now over the coming week’s, you will be so glad you did.

I currently have 4 classes running each week now, so feel free to check out my website or drop me an email if you would like more information.  Exercise is for everyone, it is all about finding the right one for you.. Stay motivated and make a difference!


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