Poetry for the 2019 Sutton Games!
12th July 2019
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Poetry for the 2019 Sutton Community Games

 Ian Henery is an award – winning, published poet from Walsall, and has become a friend of the Sutton Games via his involvement with the Sutton Coldfield Scouts. Ian Henery was Poet Laureate for the Sutton Games in 2016. Ian’s poems will be published over the next upcoming weeks. If they inspire you to put pen to paper to attempt your own, let us know and well share your work too.

The Sutton Games


Community, the Sutton Games,

Inspiration and fun inflames.

Non – commercial with Buddy Bear,

The Games’ mascot for us to share;

Volunteers, corporate big names.


A true event with simple aims:

“Activites”, Buddy exclaims!

Sleeves rolled up, sports day, village fair:



“Try something new”, Buddy proclaims,

“Get active! Better than board games!”

Community, not solitaire,

In the gazebo thoroughfare

Sutton is photographed in frames.




Ian Henery 

About the Author

Ian Henery

Member since: 4th February 2019

Managing Director of an award winning law firm
Ian Henery Solicitors Ltd

Award winning poet and playwright

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