How my Fitness Instructor journey began.....
9th June 2015
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I have always been interested in fitness, dance and music, so it seems sensible to group it all together.  I have been teaching Zumba for a few years now, and come from a back ground of sports and athletics.  Also from my love of Strictly Come Dancing I qualified as a Fitsteps instructor in February 2014, this class has brought so much enjoyment and understanding of dance.  In September 2014 i thought  my world had come tumbling down when someone i had worked with and trusted, pushed me into a corner.  So either I gave up teaching classes I loved, or do I give it a go and branch out on my own?

After a couple of weeks deliberating and working out my options and advice from family and friends i decided it was time to start my own classes, it was sink or swim!  I gave myself a month of promoting, choosing the best venue for my classes, and all the mundane stuff that is essential to being a successful instructor. Halloween last year was my first class, and I was balled over with the response.  I chose Fitsteps as my launch class, and people loved it. After a couple of months I added Zumba to my timetable on a Tuesday night at first, then moving to a Monday night, which has turned out to be very popular. In January this year I also completed my Exercise to Music exam, which enables me to take other courses in the future, and adds a solid fitness knowledge base.  I  now also run a Full Body Workout class on a Saturday morning which is aimed anyone who likes a more intense workout, and also added my first Bootcamp last month!

Things are going well at the moment, and i hope to bring another class called Clubbercise to Walmley at the end of August/beginning of September once I have completed my instructor training day.  My aim with all my classes is to impress on people that exercise is for everyone, irrespective of age or fitness.  I am a woman in her late 40s, and have gained so much from exercise, that I would like to share my thoughts and experience with as many people as possible.  My view is that exercise is as much for the mind as it is for the body. I have many clients that come to class who are going through difficult times, so i tell them that the hour class is theirs to enjoy, forget about worries if even just for 60 minutes.  Its their time to de-stress and recharge their batteries.

So if I can inspire other people to go for their goal I will.  All of the above has happened in the space of 7 months, with a lot of hard work, but lots of fun!  I have met some wonderful clients and will continue to bring new classes on board whilst people still want them.  My aim is not to become a millionaire but to gain enjoyment and fulfilment from the clients that continue to come to my classes.  I believe loyalty is so important and I will never forget all the family, friends and clients who have supported me from the start, and continue to do so.

 I aim to continue for years to come and feel I have at last found my true niche.  It really is 'Onwards and Upwards!'



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