Helpful 'Back to School' Tips in Sutton Coldfield
22nd August 2017
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  • Prepare a list of everything needed for returning to school and make sure it's needed, not just wanted! There are some great stationery supplies at Swift Business Solutions
  • Ensure that bedtime routines start a couple of weeks before returning to school, set a time for bed and stick to it - they'll need all the sleep they can get once the busy term begins!
  • Get back into routine by making sure everything is ready the night before - lunches, bags packed, uniforms ready!
  • Ensure the child has emergency telephone numbers and the school has them too - be prepared for any eventuality.
  • Make sure you talk about the child's day - keep up to date with all the daily gossip! A healthy interest may help you spot anything untoward or help prevent any problems that may escalate further down the line
  • Set a routine for when homework, play, downtime, dinner and bed occur each day (adjust depending on child's age!)
  • Check out local after school clubs and activities and organisations that can help provide support in the local area such as Our Place Community Hub - you can find events and organisations on our website!
Good Luck!
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