Happy Chinese New Year
8th February 2019
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Chinese New Year, which fell on 5th February, is the Year of the Pig.  Chinese New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world.  It has been celebrated for centuries in China and is also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year.  The colourful celebrations start on the last day of the month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar and end on the 15th day of the first month with the spectacular Lantern Festival.  

"Chinese New Year is a very busy time for Chinese people", said solicitor, poet and Sutton Coldfield Scout Leader Ian Henery.  "I have been happily married to a Chinese lady from Malaysia for 28 years and we have 4 daughters.  Half of my family are Chinese".  

Ian points out that in addition to all of the lion dances, fire crackers and festive food that people see in Chinatown neighbourhoods in UK cities Chinese families also celebrate family reunions.    

"Sharing your culture with other people helps make people understand each other better" said Ian "and makes for a better world".  

This year that means China West Midlands 2020 (chinawestmidlands.com)  for Ian Henery and his colleagues from the business world in the West Midlands.  "We are all about deeper understanding, greater collaboration and mutual prosperity with increased trade with China", said Ian.  "We are doing it through strengthening connections in business, education, culture, arts and sports".   This Chinese New Year Ian hit the road with China West Midlands with exhibitions at the Chinese Community Centre in Birmingham, Birmingham Library and the Aston Business School at Aston University.  "It gave me a chance to try out the new material I have written for a trilogy of plays based upon Chinese and British perspectives" said Ian "which the amazing young people of Sutton Coldfield Stagecoach Performing Arts and Searchlight Theatre are bringing to life for the stage."  

Ian read some of the work as well at the Arena Theatre for the Wolverhampton Literature Festival.  "We all have dreams" said Ian "whether we are engaged in business, education, sports or the arts.  We should let no one steal our dreams.  This is my wish for Chinese New Year".  

This poem is taken from the first play in the trilogy "Home" for China West Midlands 2020.                                                                                                                                                                           Dreams  

Let no one steal your deepest dreams,

Let nobody tear them apart;

Goals, what you regard as the cream

And keep the fire in your heart.  



Let no one steal your cherished dreams,

Let no one try and keep you back;

You have a place in this great scheme,

So keep on marching up this track.    


Let no one steal your sacred dreams,

Keep following your heart and soul,

Even if breaking at the seams

Follow them and be truly whole.  


Let no one steal your dearest dreams,

Defy them all and reach up high;

Yes!  You belong in this great scheme

And on broken wings you can fly.  


Ian Henery www.ianhenerypoet.com                                                                                  

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