Buzzards Valley brings Local Business and Artisans together
29th September 2017
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There’s something curiously satisfying about wandering a crowded market, full of delicious cakes, homegrown vegetables and freshly baked bread – or discovering unusual gifts or unique artwork by local artisans. Imagine the pleasure of finding all these things and more, in one beautiful location.

If you’ve already come across Buzzards Valley winery, you’ve probably had a taste of their delicious still and sparkling wines. The winery and shop is surrounded by acres of juicy plump vines – a lovely spot to explore. But that’s not all on offer.

Alongside the magical emporium – Excelsior Wholesale is full of décor and accessories, be careful you don’t get lost in your wandering – and the gourmet food and gift shop, is a bistro café offering light snacks or full meals. And, once a month, the whole site fills with the varied foods, gifts and crafts of the Artisan and Local Business Market.

Locally produced food, crafts and art

Rare breed pork and beef, baskets of fresh vegetables by Woodhouse Farm & Garden, fresh baked sundried tomato loaf and melting light pain au chocolate from Hunnypot Cottage, Karen In a Jam’s home-made conserves – we love the Lemon Gin and Tonic Marmalade - and cakes by Ms Mary share space with jars of Shaw’s Staffordshire honey and Pretty Odd’s travelling traditional sweet shop.

Offset the latest in nail wraps and designs by Jamberry with stunning silver bracelets from C’est Vous. Browse rows of clothing, covering all fashions, art and gifts – the market is open to any type of local business, and the crowds of happy shoppers are evidence that the mix is perfect.

An eclectic mix of products and services

In fact, the inaugural market in August saw unexpected numbers – over 500 visitors in just a few hours. Organiser and winery owner, Pete Viggers, believes this is in part down to the variety of stalls available.

It’s not a farmer’s market – just for meat and produce – or a craft market, full of gifts and home-made art. Local businesses can advertise their own services as well – as beautifully demonstrated by singer Helen Pearson, wowing the crowd with live music while they browsed. By allowing any local business to display their wares, the Artisan and Local Business Market offers an eclectic mix of products and services – and as the visitors proved, it works.

Growing and expanding

The market will be held on the first Friday in every month. It’s timing is another factor in its success – by opening from 3pm – 7pm, parents can pop in after the school run. Workers on their way home in Friday rush hour can take some time out of the traffic jams and enjoy a drink (try the Buzzards Valley vodkas), even grab a burger from Forest Venison and Bison for dinner, or start thinking about a holiday with Francine’s Travel.

Pop on down to the next Artisan and Local Business Market at Buzzards Valley to discover more. With so many local businesses on display, you’re bound to find something you love.


By Gayle Edwards - GECopywriter

Pictures Courtesy of Amy Edwards, (Insta: Pipography)

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