Buying Local in Sutton Coldfield
29th June 2016
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In these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to support the local businesses in our lovely area. 

How many of you remember growing up and always going to the same local suppliers like the butchers, always using the same plumber or car mechanic, because they were well known, recommended and trusted locally?

Well that’s what we encourage here at Thebestof Sutton Coldfield

How many of us still use them if they even still exist? Can we all say that we don’t take advantage of the great big supermarket – because it’s easier? Yes you could argue its local, but let’s look deeper.

We proudly advocate the buy local campaign.

A campaign designed to raise awareness of the benefits of Buying Local and what it can do for the local community.

There are lots of great reasons to Buy Local.
Just reducing the miles goods have to travel can reduce the environmental impact massively.

One of the most important reasons however, is keeping the ‘pound in town’.
For every pound you spend with a local, independent business, 63 pence of it (approx) stays in the local economy.

Now that sounds rather nice but doesn’t necessarily set the world alight, or does it?

Let’s say I work at a café. A proportion of the money people spend on coffee goes into my wages.
I then spend some of my wages in the local grocers, which then comes out in wages, which gets spent at the butchers, which then comes out in wages...
Well, you get the picture...

So next time you're out and about shopping, look out for the Buy Local Campaign and please support YOUR local businesses!



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