Belfry joins industry recruitment campaign
30th July 2022
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t comes in response to challenges facing the hospitality industry amplified by events including the pandemic and Brexit.

By working with the wider industry as part of the Hospitality Rises campaign, the team at The Belfry believe they can showcase the rich and varied career opportunities available in the industry.  

Chris Eigelaar, resort director at The Belfry, said: “Given the challenges the hospitality industry faces in rebuilding post-pandemic, a recruitment campaign such as Hospitality Rises is an excellent means of promoting the value and benefits of working within our industry.

“Therefore, we are delighted to invest in the campaign and to work with the wider industry to encourage people towards a fulfilling career in hospitality. 

“At The Belfry we have long been proactive advocates of promoting the benefits of a job in the hospitality industry. I started my hospitality career over 20 years ago and have benefited from working for some of the most highly recognised hotel brands in the UK. 

“This has given me the confidence, skills, and continued passion to continue to develop and support those who are starting their journey in the hospitality world.” 

With an aim to double the pool of applicants by capturing and generating the attention of young job seekers, The Belfry hopes that by joining forces with the Hospitality Rises campaign, it will help to reignite the passion and drive within the industry.  

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