Being outnumbered in Sutton Coldfield
5th July 2016
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Being outnumbered in Sutton Coldfield  

Twins: the only thing that is sure about having two bundles of joy is the life-flawing, life-changing unpredictability it bestows upon you. One minute life can be as calm as Scottish loch, then in seconds as rough as the Southern Ocean. In our family’s case, add into the mix an inquisitive and seemingly nuclear-powered three-year-old, which adds up to needing places to go where all the little ones can get a smidgen of freedom, but in a stimulating and safe way.

So, being outnumbered, my wife and I favour places to go for few hours that can accommodate our family. Here are some of our favourites in the Sutton Coldfield area.

Meeting other people going through the same highs and lows of having twins and multiples is so supportive and inspiring. Sutton Coldfield Twins and Multiple Club runs on a weekly basis at New Hall Prmary School and Family Centre, and you get really useful support, solidarity and practical ideas from other families with twins and multiples. The group is really welcoming and it is looking for new families to join.

Well run, in good condition and by the looks of it, recently expanded, the play barn at Ash End House Farm, is set up for families with young ones to play in safety and fun. As our children get older, the other elements of the farm with its variety of goats, sheep, pigs and horses to feed and pet will no doubt be of interest.

Very well maintained and with a fence separating the well resourced play area, Little Aston Park, run by Little Aston Recreation Ground, seems like it is made for families with lively children. There’s a calendar of events at the site, so I think it is worth checking on its Facebook page about what’s going on. It seems like the Park’s popularity is growing amongst families in Sutton, as on every visit I am meeting other people who have only just found out about it.

In the same vein as Little Aston Park, the variety and the quality of the activities at Kingsbury Water Park, with a dedicated area for younger children, is a popular choice for us when we are thinking about a few hours out. The seasonal donkey rides and miniature railway also on offer have been ideal activities for our toddler to enjoy.

Food governs a big part of our day, but being able to go out and have lunch can be a risky business, as the shift from calm to chaos often happens when the bibs are on the children. The new(ish) Pizza Express at Tamworth’s Ventura Retail Park is a good choice if you have a large and young family that needs to be fed reasonably quickly. The staff are helpful and friendly, and no matter what mess little hands produce on the table and floor, you always feel welcome there. The pristine baby changing area is a real bonus when you have two smelly bums to change. But if calmness does prevail, this branch with its lovely decor is very good at making you feel a little bit special and not just out to quickly feed your children before rushing home.






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