App allows employers to see if recruits can walk the walk
26th June 2019
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Sutton Coldfield-based software developers have created an app that will allow employers to see if future recruits can ‘walk the walk’.

Orecor founders, husband and wife team Will and Clare Buggey, have designed and developed an online recruitment test for the accountancy and finance industry after experiencing frustration in recruitment.

Mr Buggey, who formerly worked in finance, data and business intelligence at Severn Trent and Genting Casinos, said that he endured disappointment too many times when appointing finance professionals.

He explained: “Often we would see individuals with top-notch CVs, excellent interview skills and an abundance of soft skills. However once candidates were appointed their technical skills didn’t always stand up to scrutiny.

“Our online assessment tool fills that gap in people assessment and allows employers to see if candidates can walk the walk – in terms of technical skills – as well as they talk the talk.”

Orecor’s online assessment tool challenges candidates to demonstrate their technical competencies through a number of real-world work scenarios. Responses are then ‘marked’ using artificial intelligence, against a specific set of criteria parameters.

Mr Buggey said: “Using artificial intelligence to mark answers reduces the reliance on emotions when making recruitment decisions, and instead focuses on data to make decisions about recruitment.

“This gives firms an extra layer of credibility, taking away human error and provides tangible metrics to assess people for a job.”

However, Clare Buggey reiterates that their online assessment tool should be used in conjunction with traditional interviewing techniques, such as psychometric and personality testing, interviewing and ‘gut feeling’.

She said: “We believe that this app helps to facilitate a part of the recruitment process, the missing jigsaw piece in the recruitment puzzle.

“That way, businesses can have greater confidence in knowing that the person they employ is technically right for the job.”

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