Andrew Mitchell MP Holds Annual Meeting with Royal Town's secondary headteacher and Chairs of Governors
10th July 2019
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Andrew Mitchell MP has held his Annual Meeting with Headteachers from the Royal Town’s Secondary Schools.

The meeting is an opportunity for Sutton’s MP to catch up with the Headteachers of all Sutton’s Secondary Schools and with the Sutton Campus of Birmingham Metropolitan College, where they can voice their concerns to Andrew Mitchell and he can take them forward with the Government as required.

This year’s meeting highlighted the lack of youth provisions which in turn could lead to involvement in crime, the mugging of mobile phones on pupils’ journeys to and from school, and the pressure placed on students in their end of year exams after AS Levels were dropped.

Andrew Mitchell MP said:

“My annual meeting with all of Sutton’s Secondary School Headteachers and their
Chairs of Governors, which this year took place at Vesey Grammar School, was
extremely helpful to me as the Royal Town’s MP in understanding the stresses and
strains that they are experiencing, but also the wonderful achievements which are
taking place in all our local schools.”

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