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6th February 2017
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One of the great things about being a member of TheBestOf is the community feel between the various businesses involved. As small business owners – or even larger ones – we know that working together can only benefit us all.

So, when Stephanie – Little Pops Photography – asked for volunteers to help her with a new project, well, I was happy to help. It had absolutely nothing to do with the chance to get some beautiful new portraits of my two favourite hounds – of course not.

Stephanie works from home in her lovely purpose built studio. It’s cosy, warm and – most importantly for me – secure. After all, anyone who knows beagles knows the escape artists they can be. And my two, Bagel and Crumble, are exceptional!

Before I arrived I had visions of the pair of them running amok, destroying white backgrounds and knocking down expensive camera equipment. However, Stephanie was convincingly relaxed about the experience, and didn’t flinch as they explored her set up and sniffed their way through each corner. Which, in turn, allowed me to relax enough to not mind as they wandered away mid-pose – I didn’t feel rushed in getting them to behave as she wanted for each picture.

Once the shoot was over we let the beagles rush outside to release some pent up energy – and other important necessities – in the garden, before we left. Clearly being models for the day is exhausting; they slept all the way home.

I really enjoyed the whole experience. Stephanie was chilled, the dogs enjoyed the unexpected day of extra treats and I couldn't wait to see the photographs – some of which I’ve shared with you on my page.  

If you are looking for the perfect pet photographer – or indeed, the perfect family portrait – look no further than Little Pops Photography.

And, if you are a member of TheBestOf looking for volunteers, count me in.



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