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Wonderful local community charity offering a variety of help to those who need it most. Run by lovely staff, Our Place is a credit to Sutton Coldfield.
Fantastic service always a pleasure so very helpful too
Great venue, welcoming and bright. Love that they have an outdoor area; if I had to have a meeting in Sutton Coldfield definitely a place I would use.
Our contact with Our Place has been through the new cooperative the Children Quarter which is an alliance of groups working together to ensure that less children and young people are at risk of social isolation in our city due to disability, mental health or other issues. We have had wonderful and consistent contribution from Our Place to our new development and recently visited the site. Not only were we made warmly welcome but on touring the building we witnessed the excellent personal relationships between those who run and support Our Place and those who use it. It is not called Our Place for nothing as it is certainlyis not an us and them self feeding organisation but a hub that is providing exceptional services itself and supporting other organisation to do the same . We have been made increasingly aware by our networks of the valuable local investment being made by Our Place. It is an exceptional and inspiring organisation fuelled by good values , generous spirit and genuine engagement with the needs of local children, young people adults and families. Our Place is absolutely a local asset and Sutton Coldfield should be proud to be home to an organisation that has integrity and delivers effective , appreciated nd essential services.
I've been in this Community Hub many times and the range of people that they support is huge. What is common among those that attend is a look of relief on their faces. They know that someone is going to help them now with whatever problem they have. The staff here are an amazing bunch of people.
Vital hub of the community, does great work and staff should be highly commended
The team at Our Place are amazing. The range of services that they provide for a charity is crazy. They are all wonderful people, have time for everyone and do their utmost to improve peoples lives.
A valuable service provided for very vulnerable people Very kind , caring staff
Such a great space for the local community. The staff are friendly and work so hard at helping others. Sue is fantastic and such a lovely lady! This place provides so much help for local families, well done everyone!
Such an invaluable service for the Sutton Coldfield Community. Highly recommend!
Awesome staff and support offered. A great service which offers time , support and dedication to all clients well done to you all
Fabulous team doing lots of great mentoring and providing services
Cannot fault Our Place! Absolutely amazing company which is run brilliantly. All staff are hard working and care about all those they help. They truly do amazing work for everyone who needs it
Our place is at the heart of the community. You always feel welcome and they are a great support to the people who really need it.
Our Place Community Hub provides a fantastic service for local people in need of guidance and assistance, Kelly Round applies hers skills and gives 100% input for a charity she drives and wholly believes in, which results in help for the people she is driven to make their lives a little easier. Our Place Community Hub is a necessity for local peoples needs and requires voluntary funding to exist and assist. Should any local companies wish to donate to a worthy cause then The Hub is their best option of a worthy investment.
Helpful and approachable. Felt really at ease discussing my concerns. Incredibly relaxed place with excellent advise given
Kelly and her team provide an excellent, well needed and valued service to all ages, working non stop to ensure people get the support they need. A true diamond group that shine brightly!
Fantastic local charity. Kelly and her team are so dedicated and great at what they do. Highly Recommended
My son attends here for tutoring for his dyslexia. It is a great place and a hub in the community with a warm friendly atmosphere.
The staff and volunteers at Our Place Community Hub go the extra mile to help people of all ages in Sutton Coldfield. In particular the child/mentor scheme provides regular support for children who are having to deal with many issues that they are too young to understand properly, and gives them ways to cope with them.
Our Place are a fabulous organisation, made up of people who really care.
Our Place is a goldmine! The services available & the genuine support & help from the people there is fantastic. Nothing is ever too much trouble. As a volunteer myself I truly feel part of a team and am proud to be with them.
An excellent supportive service for the community. The training courses provided are extremely informative.
Fantastic group of people doing great things every day
A safe, secure and so very supportive organisation to partner with.
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In May 2017
Charlotte TH said

I have volunteered with Our Place over the last 9 months and I feel very proud to be part of an organisation who are making such an important contribution to the lives of local children. The support I...