Public Figures
Aidan Powlesland (UKIP Candidate)
Aidan Powlesland is the UKIP Candidate for South Suffolk See more
Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne (Liberal Democrats)
Capel Saint Mary, Suffolk, United Kingdom, , IP9 2XP
Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne is the South Suffolk Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2017 General Election See more
Emma Bishton (Labour)
8 Queen Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk, United Kingdom, , IP7 5DZ
Emma Bishton is the Labour candidate for South Suffolk. See more
James Cartlidge (Conservative)
Unit 4, Byford Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, , CO10 2YG
James Cartlidge is standing as the Conservative candidate for South Suffolk See more
Robert Lindsay (Green Party)
Bildeston, Suffolk, United Kingdom, , IP7 7EZ
Robert Lindsay Green MP candidate for South Suffolk See more
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