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Organised and hosted by Sue Tetley Wellness & Changing Paces this August, this was the first of (hopefully) many running improvement and confident courses aimed at runners of all abilities
Meet Sue Tetley, the latest member to join thebestof Sudbury.
I have always been an outgoing person, hardly a shrinking violet, never afraid to speak to a group of people or strike up a conversation with a complete stranger....
With the festive season now upon us, many people find this time of year particularly stressful so here Sue's tips to help
New Positive Psychology Business Moves to Sudbury to help overcome Phobias, Stress and Depression
Did you know that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has been proven in a number of recent studies not to exist....
Each month, Thrive Consultant, Sue Tetley, will be bringing you a tip to help you make the most out of your life
Whether you're over the moon with your GCSE results or a little disappointed, there's plenty of information to help you decide what to do next
Fly Happy - Overcoming your fear of flying....
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Latest News & Updates
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Licensed Thrive Consultant
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